About us

react-33_webFor over 15 years we have been setting up and equipping various indoor spaces. In the beginning, they were only stores. We planned, made layouts, produced and implemented completed projects.
With the years our interest about interior design raised. The revelation came, when we noticed that it is difficult to find a high quality and comfortable chairs in the market that would not cost a fortune. This is how our research path started and it became a passion. Passion to offer to people high-quality and stylish chairs.
Gradually we have expanded the range of products that we like ourselves. Lamps, tables, upholstered furniture, clothing racks, dishes, and other small interior items, those are the ones that we want to offer also to you.
We carefully select each supplier, with who we cooperate. Our main criteria are quality, design, and price and our suppliers undoubtedly match these criteria.
Our projects speak for themselves and clients keep returning.